Britain is not the UK

I am so sick sore and very bloody tired of this confusion.

This will be a very very short post.


Britain is a land mass.

The UK is a union (hahaha) of member states. Namely Scotland and England.

Wales (god help them is an add on) are they even on the map? You might want to check they’re still there, seems like British Labour In Wales have been let loose with the crayons again..


And Northern Ireland doesn’t even get a look in at the Olympics. Team GB tosses them out in the cold.

So, can we do our very very best to unpick the annoying Britain = UK (+ a whispered NI)

One of the most confused articles I saw on this recently was to do with the railroads, now there’s irony for ye. Look at this article. Oh hell, I only just noticed it’s from @OwenJones84 I assume it’s that Owen Jones.

It may seem trite it may seem over egged. But language is very very important. Without having a sodding framework we can’t communicate. So every time you see Great Britain / Britain / UK mixed up. Ask yersel, what the hell are they meaning?



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